Rain X Windscreen Repair Kit Review

By | 2 October 2019


A while back whilst driving home from work I got a big chip in my windscreen, as it wasn’t in my line of sight I left it be. Now that I’m selling the car I finally decided to see if I could sort it, there is actually two cracks, the worst of which seems to be at least a couple of layers deep. To see if I could fix them I ordered Rain X Windscreen Repair kit (£8.99 on Amazon).

The kit itself is simple enough, comes with a razor blade, some resin and a suction cup thing that you stick on the windscreen and a plunger, some curing strips and a full set of illustrated instructions.

This weekend we had some good weather so I broke out the kit and gave it a go.

The Rain X Windscreen Repair Kit in action

Rain X Windscreen Repair Kit - In use

Before and After

Rain X Windscreen Repair Kit - Before and After


The kit itself is easy to use, but the results I got weren’t the best. Now this could be down to how deep the chip was on my windscreen or the length of time I’ve left it since getting the chip and trying to fix it. Your mileage may vary.

My results have a ring of resin in the middle layer of the glass, giving it a kind of halo effect and there now appears to be a new crack from the repaired spot. The surface is now smooth, which should help with the wipers.

In all it’s probably worth a go, unless you have windscreen cover on your insurance. In which case, I’d say pay the excess and get it repaired or replaced.


It's been almost 18 months since I wrote the original post (14th May 2018) and I thought I'd give a quick update on the durability of the repair. Let's see, the car has had 2 MOT's and a winter since the initial repair and the resin has stabilised the crack, it has grown no bigger over the 18 months and hasn't been mentioned when MOT'd. I fitted new wipers shortly after the repair and they have worked flawlessly and I recently sold the car to dealer and they didn't mention it during their inspection. So all in all, whilst not overly impressed with the visual appearance of the repair, it has proved durable and functional and so I am revising my original score up from 2/5 to 4/5.

The Rain X Windscreen Repair Kit scores 4/5.